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Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholdes, April 18, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT of an extraordinary General meeting of shareholders of IDGC of South»

Public Joint-Stock Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company of South announces an extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting in the form of an absentee voting (hereinafter - the Meeting) with the following agenda:

  1. The determination of the amount, nominal value, category (type) of the declared shares of IDGC of the South, PJSC and the rights granted by these shares;
  2. On amendment to the Charter of IDGC of South, PJSC
  3. On increasing the authorized capital of IDGC of the South, PJSC by offering additional shares.

Date of the Meeting (Latest date for accepted filled ballots): April 18, 2019.

Postal addresses, to one of which the ballot papers  can be sent :

  • 49, Bolshaya Sadovaya St., Rostov-on-Don 344002, IDGC of the South, PJSC
  • 18, Stromynka Street, Bldg 13, Moscow 107996, Russian Federation, Registrar R.O.S.T., JSC (the Company’s registrar).

Address of the website in the information and telecommunication network "Internet" for filling in the electronic form of the bulletins - https://lk.rrost.ru/.

The owners of registered ordinary shares of IDGC of South, PJSC have the right to vote on all issues on the agenda of the Meeting.

The holder of shares, the rights to which are accounted for by the nominee or foreign nominee holder, has the right to participate in the Meeting personally or by giving instructions to the nominee holder or foreign nominee holder to vote in a certain way, if provided for by an agreement concluded with the nominee holder or a foreign nominee holder. An electronic voting document signed with an electronic signature must be sent by the owner of the shares to the address of the nominee holder or the foreign nominee holder.

The information (materials) provided during the preparation for the Meeting, the persons entitled to participate in the Meeting may be acquainted with:

in the period from March 19, 2019 to April 17, 2019, excluding weekends and holidays, from 09 hours 00 minutes to 16 hours 00 minutes, and also on April 18, 2019 on the day of the Meeting, at the addresses:

  • 49, Bolshaya Sadovaya St., Rostov-on-Don, IDGC of the South, PJSC
  • 147, Second Krasnodarskaya Street, Rostov-on-Don, IDGC of the South, PJSC
  • 18, Stromynka Street, Bldg 13, Moscow, R.O.S.T. Registrar, JSC (the Company’s registrar)
  • 32, Krasnaya Embankment, Astrakhan (Astrkhanenergo, a branch of IDGC of the South, PJSC)
  • 15, Lenin Prospect, Volgograd (Volgogradenergo, a branch of IDGC of the South, PJSC)

Northern Industrial Area, Elista, Republic of Kalmykia (Kalmenergo, a branch of IDGC of the South, PJSC) as well as from March 19, 2019 on the Company website in the "Internet" at the address: www.mrsk-yuga.ru.

If the person registered in the Company’s shareholders register is the nominal shareholder, this information (materials) are sent by March 19, 2019, electronically, in the form of electronic documents signed with electronic signature, to the nominal share holder.

During the preparation period for the Meeting, the Company maintains a telephone channel for communication with shareholders: (863) 307-04-69 (09:00 to 16:00 local time). A special e-mail address has also been opened for communication with the company shareholders: ir@mrsk-yuga.ru.

Date of determination (fixation) of persons entitled to participate in the Meeting: March 25, 2019.

Board of Directors of IDGC of the South, PJSC

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