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Information on transactions carried out by the issuer with public companies and quarterly survey of the mentioned transactions; quarterly survey of intracorporate transactions carried out by the issuer

Information about Transactions Concluded by the Issuer and State Companies

In the reported quarter the Issuer has concluded 661 transactions with state-owned companies; total sum of transaction (including of VAT) is about 40 million rubles.

Subjects of transactions closed with state-owned companies in the reported quarter are as follows:

  • Rendering technological connection services;
  • Rendering electricity transmission services;
  • Opening of revolving credit line;
  • Rendering general and new postage services;
  • Rendering services for periodic medical examinations;
  • Rendering services for hard domestic waste removal;
  • Land and estate property renting;
  • Provision of services for a fee;
  • Rendering services for training and professional development of personnel;
  • Real estate leasing and other

The following transactions have not been closed in the reported quarter:

  • Issuer’s transactions with its shareholders, holding at least 5% of the voting shares;
  • With members of Company Management board;
  • Transactions (group of transactions) of interest and decision on approval of which was not accepted by the BoD in cases when such approval is obligatory according to the RF legislation

Quarterly review of transactions concluded by “IDGC of the South” JSC and its affiliates ( “Volgogradsetremont” JSC, “Agriculture Enterprise named after Grechko” JSC, “Agriculture Enterprise Sokolovskoye”JSC, “Recreation Centre “Energetik” JSC and “Energoservis Yuga” JSC) in the 3rd quarter of 2013

1. Intra-group and major transactions :


No. and date of the document


Sum, rubles

Subject of transaction

Date and No. of minutes of meeting of governing body that approved the transaction (if necessary)

1.1. With Subsidiaries and Affiliates of “IDGC of the South” JSC:

Transactions were not concluded

1.2. With governing bodies’ members of the Subsidiaries and Affiliates with ‘IDGC of the South” JSC

Transactions were not concluded

1.3. With “IDGC of the South” JSC or its shareholders holding at least 5% of voting shares of “IDGC of the South” JSC:


Supplementary agreement No. 2 61000000000406 dated 17.07.2013
to service contract No. 903 dated 25.11.2011

Energoservis Yuga JSC

2 810 344 . 83

Energy inspection

Minutes of meeting IDGC of the South BoD No.102/2012 dated 11.01.2012

1.4. Transactions (groups of associated transactions) commitments for which amount to at least 10% of book value of assets of Subsidiaries and Affiliates according to their balance sheet for the previous completed accounting period:

Transactions were not concluded

2. Transactions with state-owned (municipal) companies :


No. And date of the document


Sum of transaction, rubles

Subject of trasnction

Transactions were not concluded